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Friday, January 13, 2012

Yes just something to update. I saw my stepsister's commercial for slim fit in the newspaper! :D
Yup she's the new ambassador for Slim fit.

Im seriously very happy for her :D

Thanks for reading! Love,Crystal

What's a designer's worst nightmare?

No INSPIRATION! Oh God please help me!! D:
Thanks for reading! Love,Crystal

Monday, January 9, 2012

Ok its been a while since i updated my blog. Sorry about that.

So 2 weeks ago i went to Australia! again for the 3rd time....
While in Perth, Australia i was having a great time relaxing and i really mean relaxing and doing nothing.

Since we didnt join any tour groups so we were pretty free and out time is pretty flexible.

  1. I finally get to get 8 hours of sleep after sooooooo long!
  2. Shopping!
  3. The weather is way better than here in Malaysia
  4. Get to spend eveynight in the apartment watching tv and playing cards with my family and not going out.
Furthermore since its the last week of the year all of the shop were like having major sale and most of the stuff cost half the price from the original price.

But after i arrive here in Malaysia, STRESS again -.-

I just sat in the car and everything starts to come back and enter my mine. Back to reality.

Now its 2012 and actually 19 ( Chinese calendar ). While shows im really getting older -.- cause im going go from 1 to 2 next year.

And what a way to start a new year with my conversation with my sister.

Sis : Oh im 16.

Me : ..... OHH im 19!

Sis: WHAT?! OMG! U better grow up

Me : -.-

While at least there's something that cheered me up ALOT and let me tell u. The dress that i made last term i finally got it back few days ago and boy was i shock.

Cause my lecturer while he is not that type of person who actually compliments people and he marks assignments really strictly. And it can be shown through his evaluation for our corsets. The highest in class was 74 and i was the 2nd highest in class 73.

So when he finish evaluating my ruching dress he call me to his desk and was like your row he can be improve, your french seam and be improve and stuff and when he handed me my dress he said " But over all its good and thanks for doing beading. " I literally stoned when i hear him say that sentence to me and i was even shock when i got my marks so far i think not many people in my class has gotten the digit with the 8 in front and i was so happy to get the digit 8 in front. Yes i was smiling and i was celebrating inside. Praise the Lord for answering my prayer!!!
Thanks for reading! Love,Crystal

Friday, December 16, 2011

Sorry that i haven been active lately while since i've been busy but i will start updating my blog again once everything is over till then :)
Thanks for reading! Love,Crystal

Friday, November 18, 2011

Its that time again when all my assignments and etc starts to put weight on my shoulders again.

I am just so tired and sick of having too many things happening at one time.

Seriously all I do now its go to college then back and star
t doing assignments until the weee hours.

I used to have 8 hours of sleep a day now I only can get 5-4 hours of sleep a day. Which cause very very heavy eye bags.

I'm so stress out that I want to scream so badly. I seriously cant really take it all in at one go.

Having the ruching project just adds more stress to my already stress out body. Its like because of that project I have to do it all in college since I need the dummy to ruch on so the only day ( Tuesday ) that I can actually stay at home I have to sacrifice that. Next if I were to go over to college I have to find a day to replace my piano class and my piano exam its just around the corner and its the last grade I cant screw that up and I cant screw my course up as well. Then we have my driving class I seriously have no time to slot all this classes in since sun and sat is the day that I will go to church and my cell group meeting.

Then we have competition to participate as well. Im already involve in a competition that I have not started doing due to all my assignments now my other teacher wants us to join another competition and if we dont join we wont have extra marks for out final
exam. Its so frustrating. Furthermore my bead really takes up a lot of my time!

Just to bead this portion on my corset it took me about like 9 hours to bead. And this portion its not even done yet. ( half done )
And I haven even started beading my other side of the corset.
This is seriously a horrible term.
Thanks for reading! Love,Crystal

I dont know why but I think I look weird in this picture.

Yes thats my toile for my Ruching dress project. And I am once again the only one whose doing a gown. -.-

I wanted to make a cocktail dress but my lecturer wants me to make a gown instead of a cocktail dress. What worse the flare is freaking big so I need at least 5 meter of fabric for just the flare skirt.

While I guess there is a reason why I was asked to do a gown since most of my friends agreed with this conclusion I look better in a gown. Well I dont know but having a gown.... I means I cant wear it often so I guess this gown will be buried in my wardrobe just like my pervious one. D:
Thanks for reading! Love,Crystal

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I got an invitation to watch the Mifa Fashion show on the 25th :D

Im sooooo freaking excited!

One of the photos for my presentation
Thanks for reading! Love,Crystal


My name is Crystal. Im 18 this year and officially legal :D. Im currently doing my best to achieve my dream of becoming a Fashion Designer . My favourite designers are : Alexander Mcqueen, John Galliano, Armani, Zac Posen, Balenciaga, Pierre Balmain and Versace. I really enjoy Couture clothings! :) I also enjoy reading especially literatures, during my free time
Crystal Yeoh

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